What We Do


“I have never forgotten the painfulness of poverty, homelessness and violence I experienced as a young boy. I have also never forgotten the feeling of hope and peacefulness when “unexpected strangers” provided a helping hand that gave me the drive to carry on.”

— Ed Perez, President, CEO

These words are the inspiration for creating Three Grains of Rice Missions. Ed has always had a passion for helping those who have fallen upon hard times and are struggling to maintain their day-to-day life. After countless hours working in the community and going on many internal mission trips, I discovered there was a need for a different kind of community outreach and support.

It is our goal to create an army of “unexpected strangers” that will energize the hearts of those in need and provide them with that same hope and healing that I personally experienced.

We will reach out to the children experiencing homelessness or who are living in poverty and provide them with an opportunity to have the same experiences as other children. We will help organizations caring for these individuals maintain their facilities so they can to continue to focus on providing recovery for those in their care. We are committed to sharing God’s love and mercy with everyone we encounter and leave them with a smile and a full heart. We will build strong relationships with the homeless community, families in need, organizations that help those in need and individuals who want to reach out and serve.