Diez Caballos Cuba soccer program

Cultivating Hope to Harvest Love

Three Grains of Rice reaps what it sows, and the harvest grows bountiful with time. We began assisting women’s shelters in Jacksonville FL., but soon expanded into overseas missions.

Leveraging our volunteer teams, 17 homes have been upgraded and 4 apartments were built for the St. John’s Homeless Coalition in St. Augustine Florida. The Trinity Baptist Women and Children – over 28 rooms were painted and repaired. The Hogar Crea drug and alcohol addiction center was updated with new facility enclosure. What a joy to provide mothers and children with an opportunity to get away from their shelter to be a family again going to the Zoo, attending a baseball game or a football game. What a blessing to be able to distribute several hundred pallets of food to individuals and organizations in need – to provide coats and hoopties during very cold weather to those that call the streets of Jacksonville home. And much more. These could not be done without our dedicated army of volunteers.

Our international missions have certainly increased by leveraging our partnerships with other organizations. To-date, we have provided food, medical supplies, vitamins, toys, school supplies, IPODS and clothing to our international partners. Philippines, Guatemala, Haiti, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua and Cuba. Recently a sizeable shipment of medical and mobility devices was shipped to Ukraine. Cuba has been an area of focus where we donated 67,000 face mask and an overall total of $1.5 million in medical supplies. The four soccer programs which we have initiated in Cali, Colombia has been instrumental in redirecting the lives of young people.